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Sewing has been part and parcel of my female heritage; my inspirational stylish, and clever grandmother -Drooda,  gifted me a sewing machine when I was 11 which got me started -  she made almost everything she ever wore and made much for her own home. My mother ran a knitting and haberdashery shop when I was little, made many of our clothes when we were children and was on hand to teach me what she knew, so in my twenties it was no surprise to anyone that I decided to study Theatre Wardrobe going on to work as a costumier on theatre shows, for dance companies  and for film. This was interesting if stressful work. Late hours and deadlines were the order of the day, and night. 

I have returned to sewing since my family have grown up, and I set up The Lewes Seamstress in 2005. I  love what I do and find sewing meditative on occasions and especially so since I am fortunate to have such a lovely place to work!

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